Auto Insurance: Protect Yourself & Family On The Road!

Solid Protection from the Risks You Face

Auto Insurance from Rocky Mountain Insurance Advisors

At home, at work, at school or on the road, we all face risks each and every day.

Auto Insurance Options include:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Personal Watercraft Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • ATV Insurance
  • Off-Road Vehicle Insurance
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance

Some seldom occur, while others are fairly common. For instance:

  • The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) reports that car accidents occur every minute of the day.
  • The Car Insurance Industry estimates that drivers will file accident claims once every 17.9 years.
  • The average driver will have 2 to 3 accidents during their driving years.

When considering the statistics, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be involved in an accident but when.

Of course, automobile accidents aren’t the only risk that we face.

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 374,000 US homes catch fire each year.
  • Nearly 1 million emergency room visits occur each year as the result of a slip-and-fall injury.

There are statistics for sports-related injuries, recreational injuries (camping, hiking, etc.) and so many other categories, and statistics only exist to track real-world experiences.

Facing risk is simply a fact of life.

While we can’t insulate ourselves from the unforeseen accidents of life, we can help protect you financially from the losses that often result. Rocky Mountain Insurance Advisors offers solid protection for your Home and Property, your Vehicle’s, and your Recreational Toys, and even your family’s medical care and treatment should a covered loss occur. Whether it’s your child’s first fender-bender or a break-in at your home, RMIA offers comprehensive insurance coverage that protects the things you’ve worked so hard to attain.